Electronic Speed Controllers

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Hobby Wing XERUN XR10 JUSTOCK (Black)

HWI30112000 (In Stock)
$68.99 (CAD)

Hobbywing WiFi Express Smartphone ESC Module

HWA30503000 (Out of Stock)
$69.99 (CAD)

Hobbywing Xerun XR10 Pro G2 160A Sensored Brushless ESC (Stealth)

HWA30112608 (Out of Stock)
$279.99 (CAD)

Hobbywing Xerun XR8 SCT 1/8 Sensored Brushless ESC

HWI30113301 (Out of Stock)
$142.99 (CAD)

Hobbywing XR8 Pro 1/8 Competition Sensored Brushless ESC

HWA30113302 (In Stock)
$259.99 (CAD)

Multifunction LCD Professional Program Box (G2)

HWI30502001 (In Stock)
$35.99 (CAD)

Tekin RSX Pro Sensored Brushless ESC

TEKTT1159 (Out of Stock)
$278.99 (CAD) $249.99 (CAD)

The Landing Pad - Protective Neoprene ESC Mount

RCB-LP10 (In Stock)
$11.99 (CAD)