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175RC Titanium Lower Arm Stud Kit (Black)

175-10120 (In Stock)
$11.99 (CAD)

175RC Type A Shorty LiPo Weight (18g)

175-10011 (In Stock)
$11.99 (CAD)

JConcepts Aluminum B6/B6D "Finnisher" Wing Buttons (Black) (2)

JCO2579-2 (In Stock)
$12.99 (CAD)

JConcepts XRAY XB2 "S2" Body w/6.5" Aero Wing (Clear) (Light Weight)

JCO-0322L (Out of Stock)
$34.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC Aluminum Clamping Servo Horn (Black) (25T-ProTek)

PTK-7819-BK (In Stock)
$14.99 (CAD)

ProTek RC XB2 2018 Carpet Titanium Screw Kit (127)

PTK-T-2127 (Out of Stock)
$79.99 (CAD)

XRAY 1.0mm Anti-Roll Bar

XRA362470 (In Stock)
$12.99 (CAD) $9.27 (CAD)

XRAY 1.1mm Anti-Roll Bar

XRA362471 (In Stock)
$12.99 (CAD) $9.27 (CAD)

XRAY 2.3mm E-Clip (10)

XRA965023 (In Stock)
$8.99 (CAD) $6.43 (CAD)

XRAY 21mm Shock Ball Joint (2)

XRA328011 (In Stock)
$6.99 (CAD) $7.83 (CAD)

XRAY 4.9mm Ball End (2) (8mm Thread)

XRA362651 (In Stock)
$12.99 (CAD) $9.34 (CAD)

XRAY 42mm Front Buggy Spring (2) (3 Dots)

XRA368193 (In Stock)
$16.99 (CAD) $12.33 (CAD)

XRAY 42mm Front Shock Spring (2) (2 Dots)

XRA368192 (In Stock)
$16.99 (CAD) $12.33 (CAD)

XRAY Composite Gear (36T) (Graphite)

XRA324236 (In Stock)
$12.99 (CAD) $9.19 (CAD)

XRAY Front Shock Spring Set (C=0.65/2-Dots) (2)

XRA368184 (In Stock)
$16.99 (CAD) $12.33 (CAD)

XRAY Left Rear Composite Suspension Arm (Hard)

XRA323120-H (In Stock)
$11.99 (CAD) $8.37 (CAD)

XRAY Rear Hardened Shock Shaft (2)

XRA368260 (In Stock)
$24.99 (CAD) $18.39 (CAD)

XRAY Rear Shock Spring Set (C=0.35/1-Dot) (2)

XRA368284 (In Stock)
$16.99 (CAD) $12.33 (CAD)

XRAY Rear Shock Spring Set (C=0.40/2 Dots) (2)

XRA368285 (In Stock)
$16.99 (CAD) $12.33 (CAD)

XRAY Rear Shock Spring Set (C=0.45/3-Dots) (2)

XRA368286 (In Stock)
$16.99 (CAD) $12.33 (CAD)

XRAY Rear Wing Post (2)

XRA363520 (In Stock)
$11.99 (CAD) $13.88 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Aluminum Steering Arm (2)

XRA322510 (In Stock)
$58.99 (CAD) $47.91 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Aluminum Steering Plate

XRA322570 (In Stock)
$51.99 (CAD) $41.79 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Composite Front Lower Chassis Brace (Medium)

XRA321262-M (In Stock)
$18.99 (CAD) $13.31 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Composite Front Roll Center Holder (Hard)

XRA322040-H (In Stock)
$10.99 (CAD) $7.62 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Composite Gear Differential Case (53T)

XRA324953 (In Stock)
$20.99 (CAD) $14.73 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Composite Left C-Hub (Hard)

XRA322220-H (In Stock)
$11.99 (CAD) $8.37 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Composite Right C-Hub (Hard)

XRA322210-H (In Stock)
$11.99 (CAD) $8.37 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Composite Steering Block (Hard)

XRA322250-H (In Stock)
$10.99 (CAD) $7.62 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Differential Gasket (4)

XRA324990 (In Stock)
$8.99 (CAD) $14.99 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Front Lower Composite Suspension Arm (Hard)

XRA322110-H (In Stock)
$11.99 (CAD) $8.37 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Front Spring Set (1 Dot) (2)

XRA368183 (In Stock)
$16.99 (CAD) $12.33 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Gear Differential Outdrive Adapter (2)

XRA324960 (In Stock)
$52.99 (CAD) $43.06 (CAD)

XRAY XB2 Right Rear Composite Suspension Arm (Hard)

XRA323110-H (In Stock)
$11.99 (CAD) $8.37 (CAD)

Lunsford "Punisher" XRAY XB2 Titanium Turnbuckle Kit (6)

LNS2620 (In Stock)
$49.99 (CAD)